I was trying to put together an outfit for a convention I'm going to attend this weekend and the venue is in Tagaytay. Knowing that the rainy season is here, I just had to make myself warm and comfy. I was planning on buying rain boots but the ones I saw were way expensive and the ones that are affordable  will be delivered after 30 days. Haha. I guess it was God telling me not to buy rain boots... and so I looked for another outfit and it was the perfect outfit for the convention.

I'll be wearing my printed gray dress from F21, a thrifted sweater, Leg Love stockings & penny loafers. For my accessories I'll be using gold, white & brown tones.
Who said tights should be plain & boring?
I like how it was accessible to buyers... I found my pair at SM Department store. I do wish that they had more designs on their skin-tone tights because most of the designs are in black. :| anyhoo.. I still love the pair that I bought. It's simple, girly yet sexy.

Watch out for my lookbook.nu post next weekend.

xoxo Joy

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