My friends have been telling me that I've lost so much weight already or I'm too slim or I no longer look fresh because I'm too thin. It has caught my attention already so I've decided to calm down on dieting (e.i. NO RICE POLICY) and focus on my workouts. I really want to have a flat stomach or a nice sexy abs and smaller thighs... so I'll do exercises that targets that specific area and do cardio maybe 1-2 times a week. Hmmm Its hard when you have a pear shaped body coz' the upper body is the first part that slims down making me disproportionate. That's why I workout more so that my legs would slim down as well... hmm I gotta' research more on making my legs slimmer without making my arms and face smaller. 

                                               Here's me after doing Zumba Flat Abs + 10 minute trainer ABS
xoxo Joy

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