It's January 2, 2014, second day of the year, and I welcomed it with an On Call. It was my first time so I didn't know what to expect - but seriously I was thinking of the worst case scenario. When I hot there I was expecting my patient to be at the Emergency Room and hooked on O2 but when I asked my supervisor he just said - "Nasa basement eh, ayaw magpakabit sa oxygen. Dun ka na lang daw antayin."  And so I did the routine like what we'd do on a regular day, the only difference was my patient was to be transfused with 1 bag of blood.

     My patient's treatment went on smoothly - ok, with the occasional "Venous-lower limit/pressure" Alarm but its due to my patient's sensitive access hahaha. Nonetheless, I survived my first on call plus I got free food! Yeah! Thank you Lord for guiding me.

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