Ever since I was a kid I have been a big fan of pasta. I can eat them all day, everyday. But the thing is, excessive eating of pasta can cause BLOATING! So at grocery I found an alternative for the normal white pasta I eat. Presenting... El Real's Healthy Spaghetti!!! It's high in fiber, has malunggay & carrot bits, plus it has protein, beta-carotene & Vit. A. Now tell me, how healthy can a pasta be???
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      I paired my healthy pasta with a Spanish Style Sardine Sauce & mushroom, both cooked in extra virgin olive oil. After eating I didn't feel bloated at all! Hooray! I do feel full but not bloated unlike what white pastas do to my stomach. From now on El Real's Healthy Spaghetti will be my go-to-pasta.

xoxo Joy

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