"Ang tunay na Pilipino kumakain ng rice." 

Hahahaha We Filipinos always have rice on our tables, its our staple food. But the growing trend on the "No Rice Diet" made me a bit apprehensive on the thought that there will be no rice at all for every meal. For me, again, its about proportion, its not about whether its brown rice, red rice, blue, pink, violet of WHITE... as long as you have smaller portions for carbs. And girls, wag OA pag dating sa diet, nakamamatay yan. HAHAHAHA! kidding aside, its true. So don't cry when you had your slippage when it comes to eating rice, just eat healthier the next day. For me pwede naman kumain ng kanin basta gulay ang ulam ^__^ hehe
taray ng food - NO RICE!
xoxo Joy

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