There have been a lot of diets invented for over a hundred years yet here we are, struggling to loose that 10 lbs. I've come to a realization that there really is no surefire diet to where in you'll loose and maintain you're weight. Its all about the kinds of food that we put inside our body and of course, the proportion. Over thinking what you eat on a daily basis will kill you, literally. The important thing is HEALTHIER CHOICES, instead of eating ice cream, opt for a yogurt. Want soda? Ditch the dark colored sodas and go for clearer ones and soon after that you can opt for water instead. So if you really wanted to fit on those skinny jeans --- nah, burn that skinny jeans and just live healthy & stay active. You don't need to look stick thin, no matter what shape you are as long as you FEEL healthy then YOU GO GIRL! with matching *snap*
xoxo Joy

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