1Bro organized a fun run for its members and their friends. I was invited by my co-worker to join the fun run knowing that I love to run and that I'm an active person. I was pretty excited because I don't get to join fun runs that often, the last time i joined was in 2010's Run for Pasig. I ran 5 kilometers under an hour and although I wanted to join more fun runs the time and means just wouldn't do. Fun runs are usually held in BCG, MOA and at Roxas boulevard, commuting there at 2 in the morning just wouldn't be practical and safe and I thank the heavens because my co-worker provided a service for those who will be attending ^___^

     Although we got to run, we were disappointed. The event was disorganized, there were no indications where the 3k, 5k, 10k & 21k's route is. We ended up running for more than 10 kilometers and I was really aiming to get a medal. I finishe 1 hour and 38 mins. Pft! But we did get a good cardio if you think about it. After the event we ate at Max's, I was hungry that's why I ordered a Fiesta Plate Meal ^__^
xoxo Joy
     Bininyagan ko na si Precie!!! I just bought it yesterday with my boyfriend at Paseo and I want to break it in in preparation for this Sunday's Fun Run at BCG. I didn't have cramps after using it because of the cushioning inside. I love it! The only part that hurt was the obvious part - the back of my ankle, because its new, the materials are a bit firm but maybe after a few more uses it'll be the most comfortable running shoes I'd ever had! ^_^
xoxo Joy
     Decided to run back home after watching my niece dance in their opening ceremony at Divine Light Academy. Then when I got home i did some weights + ab workouts. It gave me a little boost before going to work. 
xoxo Joy
     Last night I was wondering if could run 10k rather than my usual 5k run. I gave it a try this morning and it was pretty intense, half way through my 2nd run my ankles started to hurt a bit so I kept on resting. But alas, after almost an hour I was able to run 10k ^___^ I'm proud of myself for that. Then I did some stretching afterwards.
 And as I was taking pictures outside, my neighbor- Ate jenny, gave me this.

A healthy breakfast for me ^___^ yehey!
xoxo Joy
     Did a 5 km run with Shana around our subdivision and then did some ab workout in their house. Sarap! haha we did a video of us doing a certain ab routine. Sa sobrang intense niya, intense din itsura namin habang ginagawa namin yun! hahahaha In fairnes sakit ng maskels ko sa legs at abs.. wow?! may abs agad?? haha
Morning run--- as in super early run! hahaha! Woke up at around 4:30am dahil meeting time namin sa Heavenly Peace ay 5am pero 5:30 na ako nakarating :p It was nice to have a new place to run, malawak and ang daming pwedeng gawing ruta. I had fun kasama sila Ma'am Liselle & Ma'am Jenette, bonding at tawanan habang nagpapa-sexy! We ran for more than an hour then did some toning and bago umuwi we bought fruits para kumpleto rekado ang pagpapa-payat namin. I bought 1kg of corn, avocado & 6pcs. of saging na saba. Hopefully next Sunday makasama ulit ako sa kanila magjogging. ^___^

xoxo Joy
Okay so there's a time every month that I am so eager to exercise and stay fit. I don't know why but i just feel it and when I go back from work even if I'm dead tired I go for an hour or two of exercising, its just weird. Haha 

I tried out the running shoes my boyfriend gave me, it was so comfortable and fit for running. ^___^ I think I ran at least 2-3 kilometers and then I did some toning and walked 3 times around the block for cool down. I was proud of myself that night and man! I slept soundly Hahaha SOBRANG PAGOD!

Current weight: 52.45kg