My friends have been telling me that I've lost so much weight already or I'm too slim or I no longer look fresh because I'm too thin. It has caught my attention already so I've decided to calm down on dieting (e.i. NO RICE POLICY) and focus on my workouts. I really want to have a flat stomach or a nice sexy abs and smaller thighs... so I'll do exercises that targets that specific area and do cardio maybe 1-2 times a week. Hmmm Its hard when you have a pear shaped body coz' the upper body is the first part that slims down making me disproportionate. That's why I workout more so that my legs would slim down as well... hmm I gotta' research more on making my legs slimmer without making my arms and face smaller. 

                                               Here's me after doing Zumba Flat Abs + 10 minute trainer ABS
xoxo Joy
     The last time I weighed I was 51.6 kg... and now IMMA SAY IT LOUD & PROUD! 50.05 KG baby! hahahaha the workouts, boxing, jogging and healthy diet paid off!
     Did 30 minutes at my elliptical bike then did weights for my arms and legs. Had to keep myself active. I'm already 51.6kg last September 14. I'm planning on bringing down my weight to 51 flat then I'd do toning exercises and do boxing. I'm pretty happy with my progress and I got thank NOOM Coach for that. Just had to keep my daily caloric intake around 1200 and below and do light to medium exercises at least 2-3 times a week and I'm good. ^___^