The time for slacking off is over and done. I've decided to go and box again... this time I'm with Jaf, one of my closest friends. During May, when my best friend was in the Philippines, we wanted to do boxing together but then the boxing gym at Star Mall was under renovation that's why it has been months since I last jabbed, hooked & did an uppercut. Jaf and I searched for the closest Elorde Branch around our vicinity and we decided to try Elorde's Boxing Gym at Imus, Cavite. The verdict? I LOVE IT THERE! My trainer, Kuya Rey, taught me loads of things that my other trainer didn't. The only problem was... their amenities. They flopped at that one though... I planned on taking a shower but the restroom was too dirty for me. :p Anyway, I'd still box there hehe
xoxo Joy
Squeezed in 30 minutes of circuit training + jump rope before going to work ^___^