I did Yoga! Its rejuvenating! LITERALLY! Salutations, warrior 2, reverse warrior 2, cat pose, child pose... aaah! I loved it so much I did the routine twice! Hahaha! Then I did 20 minutes of flat abs workout. YEY ME! {pat on the back}
Morning run--- as in super early run! hahaha! Woke up at around 4:30am dahil meeting time namin sa Heavenly Peace ay 5am pero 5:30 na ako nakarating :p It was nice to have a new place to run, malawak and ang daming pwedeng gawing ruta. I had fun kasama sila Ma'am Liselle & Ma'am Jenette, bonding at tawanan habang nagpapa-sexy! We ran for more than an hour then did some toning and bago umuwi we bought fruits para kumpleto rekado ang pagpapa-payat namin. I bought 1kg of corn, avocado & 6pcs. of saging na saba. Hopefully next Sunday makasama ulit ako sa kanila magjogging. ^___^

xoxo Joy
Okay so there's a time every month that I am so eager to exercise and stay fit. I don't know why but i just feel it and when I go back from work even if I'm dead tired I go for an hour or two of exercising, its just weird. Haha 

I tried out the running shoes my boyfriend gave me, it was so comfortable and fit for running. ^___^ I think I ran at least 2-3 kilometers and then I did some toning and walked 3 times around the block for cool down. I was proud of myself that night and man! I slept soundly Hahaha SOBRANG PAGOD!

Current weight: 52.45kg