Hahaha the irony! Just as I started being active and getting conscious of what I eat delicious food starts to tempt me with their hypnotizing aroma. I ate pancit, sinigang na mackerel, avocado shake, pizza, monggo & rice. I really need to have a stronger will power if I wanted that abs.

My workout for today: Zumba Cardio Party + Weights + Sit Ups

Current weight: 53.25kg
Hey there! I've been slacking off when it comes to exercising and so I worked out for 20 minutes. You know that 10 minute workouts that you can download? Yes, I downloaded them and I can exercise 10-20 minutes a day anytime of the day!  It also means that I don't have an excuse not to burn fats. :p I also love how you can mix and match the workouts depending on your target body parts (e.i. CORE CARDIO + LOWER BODY or CORE CARDIO + ABS) .

My workout for today: CORE CARDIO + TOTAL BODY

Current weight: 54.75kg <--- Dude! that ain't right!!!

My chronic battle with weight has been really frustrating. Ever since I lost weight when I was in college I looked for other ways to maintain it. I've had slip ups, gained 2 or 3 kilos then lost weight again but then I read somewhere in a blog that dieting shouldn't be a burden, you shouldn't feel deprived and most of all dieting must not stress you. So what I'm going to do is change my lifestyle, I'm gonna keep myself busy and eat healthy, of course eating healthy doesn't mean I have to copy celebrities' diets and go gaga over it, I have to go at my own pace and work with what I have because budget can be an issue for me, MONEY DOES NOT GROW ON TREES YOU KNOW. And so this will be my Diary for Staying Fit & Healthy.