This is getting hard! No matter how I try not to eat I can't. Earlier this day I was doing fine, I wasn't able to eat breakfast because I was still full from our dinner last night. By lunch time I ate 1 hopia + 2 pieces of pandesal with peanut butter  + saba and then by snack time I ate 2 hopia. I got happy because I got through the day without eating rice but then a relative of a patient that my co-workers once had brought pancit and lumpia for us. Since it would be embarrassing to not eat it, I did. The pancit was full of MSG!! Gooosh, I brushed my teeth after and then I brought home the lumpia because I might barf already if I ate it. Haay sooo much food, too little stomach.

I wasn't able to workout today but I did clean my room which did burn some calories. ^___^

Current weight: 53.25kg

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