The dreaded day has come! AAAAAH!!! My stomach was churning, like I'm in a roller coaster of something. I prepared for almost 6 hours for this. Had my nails done earlier today then went home and did my magic.
     Here's the summary of what took place on Christmas Party. The party's main event was the Fashion Show. They picked staffs from different department who would compete for the 1st prize. I was lucky enough to win 3rd place ^____^ I also won an electric fan from raffle LOL. It was a fun night, they had comedians as hosts, they really know how to entertain specially PEANUT hahahaha. I also enjoyed the catwalk, at first I so nervous but as you start walking everything around you blurs and there's nothing left but you and the catwalk.

           I worked hard on sewing the beads on my formal wear. I like how it turned up. A bit of Greecian/Tribal motif.
     These pics are from Jaf's camera. Can you see my boyfriend at the back?? hahaha
     My boyfriend accompanied me at this event which I'm really grateful for because I wouldn't know what to do if I was alone and without any support. ^__^ 
xoxo Joy

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