I'm very fond of accessories. I actually have a wall full of different accessories because I believe that accessories can bring out the beauty of a simple ensemble. I have loads of necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, shoes, bags, watches and all the hullabaloos. And another great addition to my collection is a set of knuckle ring which I bought in the tiangge in BF Clubhouse. It was really hard for me to find a set like this online and I was lucky enough to stumble upon a cute boutique that sells this in a very affordable price! ^___^ Will surely wear this on December for our Christmas Fashion Show.
xoxo Joy
     I'm very happy and proud that I've done what I've promised. I finally shared the goodness of God, what He has done for me and my family. ^___^ 
xoxo Joy
     OUT ON OFFICIAL BUSINESS a.k.a OB! Yeah! Me & Ma'am Liselle get to spend the day out of the hospital and we still get paid! Hahaha yey to us!
     It would've been greater if all of us were at the convention, even though its just me and Ma'am Liselle, we still had fun ^___^ I couldn't wait for our next convention!

      Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut before I go I couldn't pass up the chance to take a photo of my outfit. Thank you Ma'am Liselle for bearing with me! Haha! Tried a bohemian look, casual, comfy yet sexy.
     I really liked wearing my OLD - NEW jeans (my mom altered it so it could fit me again). It's so comfortable and yet it made me feel and look sexy! Hooray to bell bottoms and flared pants! I paired it with a wedge to give that oomph. Gonna wear it more often from now on.

xoxo Joy