Question: How many more sequels will "Fast & Furious" make?
Answer: As long as there's fast car scenes, hot men (e.i. Vin Diesel) & hot women (e.i. Michelle Rodriguez), gorgeous race cars, amazing locations, explosions, cool high tech gadgets & heart-stopping, gut-wrenching fight scenes... I really don't care how many sequels they make. Hahaha

Before Fast 6 was even shown on cinemas, me and my boyfriend already planned on watching it.  Luckily our plan pushed through this time because when Iron Man 3 was shown we weren't able to watch it. Booo :| We watched at SM Southmall because all the good seats at ATC Cinemas were taken. Another Booo :| but haay at least we'll still be watching F6! Yeah!
That's us at BonChon, it was my first time to eat there. The experience was okay, they got good food, I like the spicy version of their meals and they're affordable too. We both liked their iced tea, I wonder what they on their ice teas? Hmm. We also ordered Ko-Yo (Korean Yogurt), I like how the yogurt is sour and the toppings are sweet and its only 75php! I might go back and try the other flavors.
My Mango Sansrival & his Blueberry Torte.
And of course my "Outfit Of The Day" has been planned several days ahead of time dahil sobrang excited ako! I opted to wear what's best for the theme of the movie. Rugged & Hot. And yes, I was able to pull it off. ;p
Thank you for the great shots my love.

xoxo Joy 
A bit of a late post for one of my entries at 
I'm wearing my all time fave black maxi dress from Divided| H&M, biker jacket, snake skin printed scarf from WWW SM Accessories and my EYE CHANNEL sunnies.

Photo taken at Terminal 3 NAIA by my nephew. My sister flew back to Thailand just in time for school. A teacher gotta' do what a teacher gotta' do.