I was up early! I had a lot of things to do. First up is I had to do the laundry (2 weeks of laundry), how dreadful is that??
Then i had to put up the Christmas Tree for my niece because she has been nagging me since the start of November on when I will put on the decorations. And lastly is to shop for things that I'll be needing for the FASHION SHOW! 
     By lunch time we had some visitors from Canada, my Ate Jeralyn and her family, she has three sons - the youngest was so adorable and cute like Mr. Bean, his name is Jacob. The 2nd was sooo cool because he greeted me in Filipino, I was like "Whoa, you speak Tagalog??". His name is Jericho. And the eldest was Jared, who was an amazing basketball player. The had fun playing NBA with my other two nephews and they also played basketball, 2 on 2, on our basketball court.
Sorry for the over sized pimps HAHA. That's me and my Ate Jeralyn after 48 years!
     Then by afternoon I went to the mall to buy things for the Fashion Show. My boyfie was with me, he was sweet enough to endure walking around the mall and look for stuff ^___^ I love him.

                       After 2 malls, 4 hours of walking and fooling around with salesladies... I was able to buy 2 things:
Etude House - Bubble Hair Color & Lady Grace - Silicon Bra
     I was excited to use the Shampoo Hair color from Etude House, I chose #7 Mocha Pink because earlier this year I dyed my hair Dark Red, I wanted to be subtle this time. I will do a blog about it next time :) 

       I was also excited to use my silicon bra, I can now use some of my tube top dresses that has a low back. ^___^ watch out for my blog about our hospital's Christmas party!!!!!

       I really enjoyed this day. Very tiring but fun.

xoxo Joy

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