I was browsing YouTube and I've come across some pretty awesome songs. I really like finding songs that are new to my ears, interesting and a bit weird.  Oh and I've come across this song years ago and I kinda' forgot about the singer up until today... Its David Choi! and her writes his own music and his voice is so calming! I just love the lyrics to his songs and how cote he sings hahaha his eyes literally disappears!
    I also like the musical styling of Brian Crain. Try and close your eyes while listening to his music. Its like heaven in your ears, perfect for that rainy-cuddle-bed weather-sleep all day- roll around the bed kind of day. 
     I'll never get tired of discovering music. ^___^  You should also try songs by Moddi, The Perishers, Hungry Ghosts, Sóley & Mogwai.

xoxo Joy

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