Ah yes, the party we've been planning for for 2 months has finally arrived. I was in charge of finding a venue and I surely did not disappoint them. I wanted to try something different from the party we used to do with my college friends. Luckily I found this blog online that was talking about a newly re-opened bar in BF Paranque, Vapor Hookah Lounge. It was an interesting place so I reserved our seats a day in advance ^___^ reservation for 25 peeps. yeah. 

      Before heading to Vapor, my boyfriend and I decided to have dinner first at a nearby Thai Fast Food chain called Dusadee Thai. They perfected the Thai Tea! I can't get over it! Hahaha I ordered Pad Thai, the counter part of our pancit and my boyfriend ordered their Bagoong Rice Meals - Chicken. We also ordered some siomai which tasted okay. Their food was affordable and tasty in general and I REALLY LOVE THEIR TEA! I'll definitely go back there and try their mango sticky rice. Then for dessert we passed by Marisa's Silvanas & Sans Rival.
     BACK TO VAPOR - It was good that they have affordable drinks and food and they have Hookahs which will definitely keep the people entertained! And to start the night we just had to open it with an unusual blowing of cake... 
We also ordered : DRINKS|CML = Coffee Melon Liquor, Choco Mudshake, Ultimate Cosmo and Speed. 
                                  FOOD | Sisig, Buffalo wings & Nachos
                                  HOOKAH FLAVORS: Cherry & Vanilla {I prefer the Cherry flavor}
     Everyone had a nice time although some really wanted to dance, I just said that we can do it next time. REPUBLIQ here we come!

xoxo Joy

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