Sudate with bee. We went to church then hung out at Mystic Brew. I love the place. it's filled with interesting trinkets, antiques, contrasting furniture and a cool menu. I wasn't able to take pictures of the whole place but when I come back there I'll remember to bring a good camera with me. Hmm a bit on the downside, their drinks are expensive and its not worth it because the serving size is small. Although I did like what I ordered, Chilli Mint Coffee, it made me want to eat something salty when I drank it. Haha

     Me and my boyfriend walked home, sooooooooooobrang layo pala pag nilakad! hahaha it seemed not that far whenever I run.. hmmm, oh well, what better way to burn the calories from the frappe but to walk 3 kilometers right? :))) When we got home nagutom kami, so we walked again, papunta naman sa Burger Machine. We ordered the Ultimate Double Bartburger, it was his first time to try it, and tingin ko naman nagustuhan niya kasi gusto niya pa daw ng isa hahaha He didn't order anymore tho', diet mode kami pareho eh. We walked back home ulit. Aminado siyang napagod siya sa date namin na yun kaya paguwi niya natulog din agad siya. haha I love him to bits & pieces!

xoxo Joy


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