So I wasn't able to update my blog for half a year and I'm so disappointed at myself for neglecting writing T.T
These were the events that happened that month.

One of my closest friend celebrated her birthday ^__^ Happy Birthday Jaf!

Ma'am Lhen's Birthday Dinner Celebration @ Yakimix & Sitcom.
Then I bumped into my cousin while waiting for my co-workers in MOA

Bought fitness magazines at RFC ^__^

I did my god-sister's make up for prom. She borrowed my gown and I did her hair like Elsa's from Frozen, she did the opposite and was fiery and fierce.

We also celebrated Mace's Birthday at DLA. ^___^

Pizza date with my boyfriend  ^___^ 

Gin-gin's Birthday & Kyla's Confirmation

Dinner @ Dampa

xoxo Joy

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