in NUDE.



     I've always been fond of Nail Art. I like to paint my nails in different colors; sometimes I go classic---like deep glossy reds that are eye-catching and sexy. Sometimes I go as far as doing leopard and zebra prints on my nails but last week I opted to do 3D Nail Art --- not the kind of 3D art you see Koreans and nail salons do, I just used stickers ^__^ hehe
My choice of color for today: Real Tan by Caress
Nail sticker I bought from a tiangge ^_^ Lol.
My all time favorite Matte Top Coat from Etude House
A dash of nail polish, a pinch of nail art stickers and a hint of matte top coat... and VOILA! 
I wasn't able to put stickers on all of my toes, apparently they don't fit inside my tiny nails. :| but admit it, it still looks cute and clean.
     At first I thought its going to be difficult to put stickers on my nails because it might ruin the polish--- it wasn't that difficult at all! I might buy more nail stickers in the future because of this! Hoohaa! I hope you like my nail art because I sure did! ^__^

xoxo Joy


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