Hey, hey it's my birthday! I had fun and I got to spend it with everyone I love. I made most of the dishes for that day. First of I made Spicy buffalo wings & Garlic Parmesan wings with buffalo sauce & sour cream cheese dip, then I made my own version of Spam musubi and lastly I cooked spaghetti with tuna & pork meat balls. I also made refreshments, My Pinkest Lemonade ^__^ My mother made Valenciana, one of her specialty, and my Tita brought me Palabok. For dessert I had Mango Chantilly cake and my custom cake from South Cakery. I wasn't able to take pictures of each of the dishes because we were all so famished to even think of that anymore haha.
I'm so blessed that day ^___^ iba siya sa mga nauna kong birthdays. I felt contentment and I'm thanking the Lord for every blessing he gave me. 365 days more until my next birthday! 

xoxo Joy


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