Did nothing but search about DIYs the whole day. I found DIYs for accessories, clothes, furniture & food. ^_^ I was only able to do two DIYs because #1 I HAVE LIMITED RESOURCES & #2 Some DIY requires me to do it outside and since the rain is pouring hard, I couldn't. :| ANYHOO, here's my D.I.Y. for today.

My boyfriend's Extra Large Chambray Polo turned into a dress | {click photo for tutorial}
Multicolored Macrame Bracelet in Gold, Cream & Black | {click photo for tutorial}

     I really enjoyed doing the bracelet. Now I can reinvent my bracelets that haven't been worn in years. I also wanted to try the DIY rings but I gotta buy materials first. 

     Thank you Pinterest for keeping my afternoon busy. I've already listed DIYs that I'd do in the future, I'm excited about it! Some of what I listed can be given as gifts, its personal and inexpensive. And since December is just around the corner I think its the perfect way to show people how thoughtful you are and how much effort you put into the gifts you are giving them.

xoxo Joy

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