Back when I was in college I have this friend whom I made a genuine connection with. We were both creative, we spoke about different things, how we perceived things, how we wanted a different career other than becoming a Nurse, how we dissed about the girl on the middle of the 4th row, acting like she knows everything, Haha. And even after college, when we already had jobs, we still talked about pursuing our creative side. He even pushes me to enter a drawing competition for Shoe Designing, I just wasn't that confident that I'd be able to win so I didn't try. And even if we were not able to talk to each other after almost a year, we still had THAT connection... Art.

   This one really made me happy because one of us finally made his dream into a reality. My friend is now a contributor to an online magazine and I'm so proud of him for pushing himself in pursuing what he wants... and that is to become a WRITER.

     I loved his article because it talked about the importance of being able to talk to people, face-to-face, no gadgets, no distractions, just pure conversation about things that mattered. It's a RARITY to be able to sit in a coffee shop and talk without looking or even glancing at our phones, we've become attached to it, we're addicted to it. I once read a post on twitter from Uberfacts that "In 1000 years, our languages today will be extinct."  It's sad if you think about it, our language is so beautiful, I'd hate it if it would become extinct. We express ourselves through it, how our tongue flicks at every letter, the way we'd open our lips in each word. His article made me realize that we do need to save the art of conversation, to not depend on our phones if we want to talk to someone. We still need to interact with each other. The importance of touch, seeing and hearing one another when talking to each other. I'm sure everyone is in dire need of a deep conversation right now, the whole world needs it actually.

     As for my friend, this blog is for you. I'm really, really proud of you and I'm looking forward to reading more of your articles ^__^ Do click to read his article ^__^

Esquire Exchange: saving the art of conversation | by Michael Lacson

xoxo Joy
Finally I started writing again. I continued what I left off a few months ago and I plan on sending it to a publishing company once I finish it. Hopefully this year I get it done because I believe I've conceptualize a good story and it made me all giddy inside the night I came up with it. Oh God, I hope this is it!

                    Isang malaking industriya ang Airlines at Aviation kaya ganun na lang ang pressure na natanggap ni Annalisa Cervantes nang ipa-mana sa kanya ng kanyang lolo ang Stefano Airlines. Sa tatlong taon niyang pagkakaupo bilang presidente ay ngayon pa lang siya nakaranas ng malaking dagok sa kumpanya, she's loosing good investors and she might loose the company as well. The thought haunted her. Nadagdagan pa ang problema niya nang dumating si Mateo Xavier Leon, ang mayari ng Leonaire, an airline company that catered to the elites,  who offered to buy her company na ikinagulat niya dahil kailan man di niya binalak na ipagbili ang kumpanyang ipinundar ng kanyang lolo. When he figured that Analise wouldn't sell the company he gave a proposal she could not turn down. Tama nga kaya ang naging desisyon ni Analise na pagkatiwalaan ang binata? Paano kung ang puso na niya ang ipagkakatiwala niya dito? Will it be the biggest mistake of her life or her greatest adventure yet?

Waaaah I just wrote an impromptu synopsis for my book! Hmmm is it catchy? Do you think people would read it once they read the synopsis? I'm crossing all my fingers for this book.

xoxo Joy