The unexpected happened. I GOT SICK! Not just the typical flu but German Measles. I had to file a leave for 7 days which was bitter-sweet. Bitter because my salary on the next payday will obviously be lower. Sweet because I get 7 days of freedom from my work! I was really relieved because I was growing tired with my work and I really needed a weeks rest. ^__^ Sorry, no picture of me with a swollen and red face, I forgot to take one.

xoxo Joy
     Yeah... it's a Sunday and I'm in the hospital, WORKING >:P When I was finished cleaning the machines I watched Harry Potter & F.R.I.E.N.D.S. for 2 hours. I even packed my lunch! ^__^
xoxo Joy
A lot happened in March. There were ups and downs... it was a sad month really. 

Happy Birthday Daddy Ilano!

Amici dinner with MDH-Dialysis Staff

Happy Birthday Franz!!!

Duty Free ^_____^

Kulitan kasama mga pinsan

Tita Del's Interment

Happy Graduation Day Kuya Kobe!!! ^___^

First Day @ Dialysis Unit

Tavern Asia with college friends ^__^

xoxo Joy
Chill, eat, drink milk tea & be merry.
xoxo Joy
     It's been years since I last saw these bunch. Glad to spend the cold night with you guys, its one hell of a night for me! Hahaha medyo natatawa ako sa pinaggagagawa ko kagabi, medyo lang naman. Until our next drinking & eating session. Hope next time sa ibang continent na tayo! Yeah!
xoxo Joy
     The long awaited girls afternoon-escapade finally arrived ^___^ Me & Ma'am Gneth were planning to go out a few months ago. I told her that S&R has the best cheesecake in town and we were both excited because it has been a long time since we ate cheesecake. Hahahahaha 
     We had a great time! And dami namin napag-kwentuhan abiut life, love, family, friends & work. Hahaha nagja-jive kami ni Mam Gneth. Ako yung hyper tapos siya yung kalma lang kaya pag nagsama... sakto lang haha. We were so full after binge-eating pizza, muffins and CHEESECAKE so we strolled inside S&R and goofed around. Then it was already closing time when we decided to go home. Hehe Until or next escaped!!!

xoxo  Joy
     I never thought that NSO's Christmas Party would be fun... they had games and loads of food! I won 90php from 2 games and a raffle hahahaha see how easily small things make me happy???
     Too lazy to rotate some of the pics :p haha

xoxo Joy
The goal was to use recycled materials from our own unit. I think we did a great job. ^__^
  xoxo Joy
     Uso naman na ang pagsusuot ng costume during Halloween so I decided to bring head bands and other accessories for my co-workers. We had fun taking pictures and even our patients enjoyed our costumes. Yeah I'm a bit silly at work but keeps the environment from being too serious. The LESS STRESSED you are at work the MORE PRODUCTIVE you'd be. Am I right or am I right??? 

     Later that afternoon our Head Nephrologist came by for her rounds. I showed her our picture earlier that day. It was a good thing that our doctor was in the mood to take pictures ^___^ we had fun! Si Doc pa mismo nagsabi na maglook-up look-up kami. Hahahaha
xoxo Joy