Back when I was in college I have this friend whom I made a genuine connection with. We were both creative, we spoke about different things, how we perceived things, how we wanted a different career other than becoming a Nurse, how we dissed about the girl on the middle of the 4th row, acting like she knows everything, Haha. And even after college, when we already had jobs, we still talked about pursuing our creative side. He even pushes me to enter a drawing competition for Shoe Designing, I just wasn't that confident that I'd be able to win so I didn't try. And even if we were not able to talk to each other after almost a year, we still had THAT connection... Art.

   This one really made me happy because one of us finally made his dream into a reality. My friend is now a contributor to an online magazine and I'm so proud of him for pushing himself in pursuing what he wants... and that is to become a WRITER.

     I loved his article because it talked about the importance of being able to talk to people, face-to-face, no gadgets, no distractions, just pure conversation about things that mattered. It's a RARITY to be able to sit in a coffee shop and talk without looking or even glancing at our phones, we've become attached to it, we're addicted to it. I once read a post on twitter from Uberfacts that "In 1000 years, our languages today will be extinct."  It's sad if you think about it, our language is so beautiful, I'd hate it if it would become extinct. We express ourselves through it, how our tongue flicks at every letter, the way we'd open our lips in each word. His article made me realize that we do need to save the art of conversation, to not depend on our phones if we want to talk to someone. We still need to interact with each other. The importance of touch, seeing and hearing one another when talking to each other. I'm sure everyone is in dire need of a deep conversation right now, the whole world needs it actually.

     As for my friend, this blog is for you. I'm really, really proud of you and I'm looking forward to reading more of your articles ^__^ Do click to read his article ^__^

Esquire Exchange: saving the art of conversation | by Michael Lacson

xoxo Joy
     Me and my friend Jaf went to avail our freebies at Skin Touch at Festivall Mall, Alabang. I availed my free facial while she availed her free Multipolar Slimming Therapy. Then we ate at Country Style, 20% on all donuts! YUM! Then while we were sitting there, minding our own business, my friend just got hit on by a dirty old man hahaha It was creepy! 

     We weren't able to take pictures of ourselves but I did, however, snapped a selfie whilst having my facial. Bwahahaha I look so weird. Then we shopped for shorts and pants. I bought 2 shorts which were the shade of orange and I love it ^__^
xoxo Joy
July's turning up good. To start off we have a lot birthdays to celebrate!

My Mama's Bday!

BFF dinner with Mama & Papa ^__^

Treated myself to Mary Grace's Truffle Cake + a good book

Celebrating with the birthday Boys.
My treat to the Birthday celebrants! Bigger Better Burgers!!!

I ate Ramen coz' I got really mad at Billee. 

Ever since the word "SELFIE" came out I've been very hesitant in taking photos of myself but this particular month I felt that I was so pretty that I just had to take a photo or yeah... a SELFIE.
xoxo joy


4 words to describe this month.


This video pretty much explains the 2nd half of May. My best friend came back from the states and yeah... we YOLO-ed.

xoxo Joy
A lot happened in March. There were ups and downs... it was a sad month really. 

Happy Birthday Daddy Ilano!

Amici dinner with MDH-Dialysis Staff

Happy Birthday Franz!!!

Duty Free ^_____^

Kulitan kasama mga pinsan

Tita Del's Interment

Happy Graduation Day Kuya Kobe!!! ^___^

First Day @ Dialysis Unit

Tavern Asia with college friends ^__^

xoxo Joy
     So I wasn't able to update my blog for half a year and I'm so disappointed at myself for neglecting writing T.T
These were the events that happened that month.

One of my closest friend celebrated her birthday ^__^ Happy Birthday Jaf!

Ma'am Lhen's Birthday Dinner Celebration @ Yakimix & Sitcom.
Then I bumped into my cousin while waiting for my co-workers in MOA

Bought fitness magazines at RFC ^__^

I did my god-sister's make up for prom. She borrowed my gown and I did her hair like Elsa's from Frozen, she did the opposite and was fiery and fierce.

We also celebrated Mace's Birthday at DLA. ^___^

Pizza date with my boyfriend  ^___^ 

Gin-gin's Birthday & Kyla's Confirmation

Dinner @ Dampa

xoxo Joy
Chill, eat, drink milk tea & be merry.
xoxo Joy
     It's been years since I last saw these bunch. Glad to spend the cold night with you guys, its one hell of a night for me! Hahaha medyo natatawa ako sa pinaggagagawa ko kagabi, medyo lang naman. Until our next drinking & eating session. Hope next time sa ibang continent na tayo! Yeah!
xoxo Joy
     The long awaited girls afternoon-escapade finally arrived ^___^ Me & Ma'am Gneth were planning to go out a few months ago. I told her that S&R has the best cheesecake in town and we were both excited because it has been a long time since we ate cheesecake. Hahahahaha 
     We had a great time! And dami namin napag-kwentuhan abiut life, love, family, friends & work. Hahaha nagja-jive kami ni Mam Gneth. Ako yung hyper tapos siya yung kalma lang kaya pag nagsama... sakto lang haha. We were so full after binge-eating pizza, muffins and CHEESECAKE so we strolled inside S&R and goofed around. Then it was already closing time when we decided to go home. Hehe Until or next escaped!!!

xoxo  Joy
     A totally spontaneous early Christmas dinner with friends. Haha so I get a call from Melvin while I was at work doing decorations and stuff. I thought it was an emergency or something haha

     Melvin: Bajoy san ka?
     Me: Sa work. Bakit? Anyare?
     Melvin: Ano oras labas mo? Dinner tayo nila Jil sa MOA
     Me: Uhm, now na? (Unsure pa hahaha it was 6:50pm)
     Melvin: Dali! Sunduin kita!
     Me: EEE! Kadiri puro dugo-dugo damit ko. Tska maaga pa pasok ko bukas!
     Melvin: Dali na, uwi ka na! Sunduin kita sa inyo! 10:45 uwi na tayo (Talagang may butal pa ha?)
     Me: OO na, pauwi na ako.
     Melvin: 7:30 sa inyo na ako ha.
     Me: Ay grabe, ambilis naman. Di pwede 8?
     Melvin: Cge, 7:35.
     Me: Ay bastos haha.

     Had a really fun night! Also met Melvin's new girlfriend Ei! Na-miss ko silang lahat!!! Alam mo yun kahit 1 year na walang kitaan masaya pa din! ^_____^ Went home at 11:45 --- an hour late to the time Melvin said. Haha and syempre basag na naman ako kinabukasan sa duty T.T
xoxo Joy