Did nothing but search about DIYs the whole day. I found DIYs for accessories, clothes, furniture & food. ^_^ I was only able to do two DIYs because #1 I HAVE LIMITED RESOURCES & #2 Some DIY requires me to do it outside and since the rain is pouring hard, I couldn't. :| ANYHOO, here's my D.I.Y. for today.

My boyfriend's Extra Large Chambray Polo turned into a dress | {click photo for tutorial}
Multicolored Macrame Bracelet in Gold, Cream & Black | {click photo for tutorial}

     I really enjoyed doing the bracelet. Now I can reinvent my bracelets that haven't been worn in years. I also wanted to try the DIY rings but I gotta buy materials first. 

     Thank you Pinterest for keeping my afternoon busy. I've already listed DIYs that I'd do in the future, I'm excited about it! Some of what I listed can be given as gifts, its personal and inexpensive. And since December is just around the corner I think its the perfect way to show people how thoughtful you are and how much effort you put into the gifts you are giving them.

xoxo Joy
     We've been together for 5 years and I thank God for it. I love you bee.