Me and my friend Jaf went to avail our freebies at Skin Touch at Festivall Mall, Alabang. I availed my free facial while she availed her free Multipolar Slimming Therapy. Then we ate at Country Style, 20% on all donuts! YUM! Then while we were sitting there, minding our own business, my friend just got hit on by a dirty old man hahaha It was creepy! 

     We weren't able to take pictures of ourselves but I did, however, snapped a selfie whilst having my facial. Bwahahaha I look so weird. Then we shopped for shorts and pants. I bought 2 shorts which were the shade of orange and I love it ^__^
xoxo Joy
July's turning up good. To start off we have a lot birthdays to celebrate!

My Mama's Bday!

BFF dinner with Mama & Papa ^__^

Treated myself to Mary Grace's Truffle Cake + a good book

Celebrating with the birthday Boys.
My treat to the Birthday celebrants! Bigger Better Burgers!!!

I ate Ramen coz' I got really mad at Billee. 

Ever since the word "SELFIE" came out I've been very hesitant in taking photos of myself but this particular month I felt that I was so pretty that I just had to take a photo or yeah... a SELFIE.
xoxo joy


4 words to describe this month.


This video pretty much explains the 2nd half of May. My best friend came back from the states and yeah... we YOLO-ed.

xoxo Joy
I couldn't quite explain how I felt this month. It was extremes.. highest of the high and lowest of the low... It was a difficult month.

Blessing of the Dialysis Unit

Don Henrico dinner with Ate's friends ^___^
My first time to try Sonja's Cupcake. I loved it!

Lunch at Amici + dessert at Contis
Then I spent Maundy Thursday with the same cousins plus a few more of our cousins and nephews ^__^ we watched episodes of Running Man, a thriller movie (I forgot the title tho) & Miracle in cell no. 7. We had loads of food prepared by my Tita Fe and of course, JUNK FOOD! It was really a challenge when we were about to sleep coz we had to find our most comfortable position with 9 people cramped in a single mattress hahaha the others slept on the sofa while the others... well, all man for himself!!! hahaha


Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
We really had fun at Boracay. Mama & Papa enjoyed the beach so much, halos buong araw nasa dagat sila coz it reminded them of how they were when they were young... mga batang naglalaro sa batis pero mas sosyal na ngayon kasi sa Boracay na sila naliligo. They wanted to go back to Bora next year, I'll make sure they will ^__^

xoxo Joy
     I once came upon a website that listed 30 things you should do before you turn 30 and to be honest I wanted to do all of them before hitting the big 3 - 0. And I had the spur-of-the-moment kind of thing ----- I want to go to Tagaytay by myself! So I did, I searched on the internet on places where I can chill & enjoy my day, JOY's day.

     I started the trip at 8 am, I took a jeep from Prinza and walked to get to the old Tropical Hut near St. Dominic's Hospital & waited for buses that woud take me to Tagaytay. It was a cold day, a good sign that it'll be an awesome day.
My breakfast before leaving the house. Yakisoba + Pandesal + Ham. YUM!
Boarded the bus at exactly 8:50 AM
And arrived at 10:01 AM ---- May butal pang 1 minute. Lol.
     The bus dropped me off at Mahogany Market - medyo sablay lang kasi dapat nagtanong na ako kung saan yung Puzzle Mansion para derederecho na biyahe ko papunta dun coming from Cavite. Hahahaha - I asked around on how I could get to Puzzle Mansion. They said that I have to ride a bus or a jeep going to Alfonso and asked to be dropped off at the corner of Brgy. Asisan. So I did ^___^.
Waiting for my bus ride.
Yey! Medyo excited na ako hahaha
1st trike ride. I even asked kung pwede lakarin papunta.
sabi nila pwede naman kaso malayo hahaha
     I asked how much my trike fare would be... sai ni Manong 60php daw. I haggled and asked kung pwede 50php na lang... and he agreed hehehehe yeah!
That's me going down the steep road
Here are more pictures of me hahaha LITERALLY
And that is me... enjoying my day in Tagaytay. 'Till my next adventure!!!

xoxo Joy
     The long awaited girls afternoon-escapade finally arrived ^___^ Me & Ma'am Gneth were planning to go out a few months ago. I told her that S&R has the best cheesecake in town and we were both excited because it has been a long time since we ate cheesecake. Hahahahaha 
     We had a great time! And dami namin napag-kwentuhan abiut life, love, family, friends & work. Hahaha nagja-jive kami ni Mam Gneth. Ako yung hyper tapos siya yung kalma lang kaya pag nagsama... sakto lang haha. We were so full after binge-eating pizza, muffins and CHEESECAKE so we strolled inside S&R and goofed around. Then it was already closing time when we decided to go home. Hehe Until or next escaped!!!

xoxo  Joy
     Met up with the sister of one of my best friends at Robinsons. ^_^ Thank you sa pasalubong TINTIN! 
     We then went to MOA to hang out. We sat down on Chocolat's cafe and ate dessert! I ordered my all time favorite - Cheesecake Tablea and Shana ordered Tiramisu while my boyfriend ordered cappuccino to keep him warm (its a bit rainy that day). Enjoying a good company and a good dessert are what makes a day off be really called a DAY OFF.

xoxo Joy