By request - Bigger Better Burgers lunch date with the birthday boy.
We went to church after then he walked me home. 

xoxo Joy
     Me and my boyfriend really wanted to buy new running and training shoes ever since we started becoming active in exercising, boxing, running & biking. I then asked my friend Jaf what brand is the best when it comes to quality and is affordable... Mizuno was her answer. I researched and found out that Mizuno has a factory outlet in Paseo de Sta. Rosa which was a bit close to my boyfriend's house. I was pretty excited because we were talking about it for almost a week! When we got there there were also factory outlets for Nike, Addidas and other sports outlets - but I really got my eye on Mizuno, I couldn't wait to get to their store.

     When we got to the store, luckily enough, one of the staff there was my boyfriend's classmate in high school. His name is Buddy and he attended to our every need. He checked out feet first, the arch, whether we're flat footed or if we have a high arch. For me, I have a med-high arch and my boyfriend has a low to almost a flat foot. After knowing our feet we were off to search for our perfect running shoes. I ended up buying MIZUNO WAVE PRECISION 12 in red. I really feel it cushioning the arch on my feet ^_^ and my boyfriend ended up buying MIZUNO WAVE CREATION 12 in yellow. Then we ate a hearty meal at Kenny Rogers.
     Funny story... the moment we entered Kenny Roger's there was a table of men with 2-3 women who all of a sudden became quiet and looked at us strangely. Then while Billee and I were waiting for our order we figured out why they stared at us.. or rather Billee. The group of men were gay! They all laughed hysterically which gave them off. We were surprised that they were all gay!!! They were prying on my boyfriend! Hahaha My boyfriend asked if I was jealous, well I said no. They're men, why would I be jealous right??? I was amused tho, he's a gay-magnet. He told me a few incidents where he was hit on by gay men but this was the first time I experienced it first-hand. It was weird! Wahahaha

xoxo Joy
July's turning up good. To start off we have a lot birthdays to celebrate!

My Mama's Bday!

BFF dinner with Mama & Papa ^__^

Treated myself to Mary Grace's Truffle Cake + a good book

Celebrating with the birthday Boys.
My treat to the Birthday celebrants! Bigger Better Burgers!!!

I ate Ramen coz' I got really mad at Billee. 

Ever since the word "SELFIE" came out I've been very hesitant in taking photos of myself but this particular month I felt that I was so pretty that I just had to take a photo or yeah... a SELFIE.
xoxo joy
     So I wasn't able to update my blog for half a year and I'm so disappointed at myself for neglecting writing T.T
These were the events that happened that month.

One of my closest friend celebrated her birthday ^__^ Happy Birthday Jaf!

Ma'am Lhen's Birthday Dinner Celebration @ Yakimix & Sitcom.
Then I bumped into my cousin while waiting for my co-workers in MOA

Bought fitness magazines at RFC ^__^

I did my god-sister's make up for prom. She borrowed my gown and I did her hair like Elsa's from Frozen, she did the opposite and was fiery and fierce.

We also celebrated Mace's Birthday at DLA. ^___^

Pizza date with my boyfriend  ^___^ 

Gin-gin's Birthday & Kyla's Confirmation

Dinner @ Dampa

xoxo Joy
     Yep, its Sunday and its raining. Here's my OST of the day.
     Luckily its my day off, I get to have a date with my bed all day, wrap my self with my warm blanket, drink hot coffee, listen to good music and snuggle with all my pillows. Hope this day would never end.

xoxo Joy
     Sudate with bee. We went to church then hung out at Mystic Brew. I love the place. it's filled with interesting trinkets, antiques, contrasting furniture and a cool menu. I wasn't able to take pictures of the whole place but when I come back there I'll remember to bring a good camera with me. Hmm a bit on the downside, their drinks are expensive and its not worth it because the serving size is small. Although I did like what I ordered, Chilli Mint Coffee, it made me want to eat something salty when I drank it. Haha

     Me and my boyfriend walked home, sooooooooooobrang layo pala pag nilakad! hahaha it seemed not that far whenever I run.. hmmm, oh well, what better way to burn the calories from the frappe but to walk 3 kilometers right? :))) When we got home nagutom kami, so we walked again, papunta naman sa Burger Machine. We ordered the Ultimate Double Bartburger, it was his first time to try it, and tingin ko naman nagustuhan niya kasi gusto niya pa daw ng isa hahaha He didn't order anymore tho', diet mode kami pareho eh. We walked back home ulit. Aminado siyang napagod siya sa date namin na yun kaya paguwi niya natulog din agad siya. haha I love him to bits & pieces!

xoxo Joy