So our chief nurse asked my friend that we will be dancing for the MDH's Anniversary this September. To tell her honestly, I've been preparing for it in my head for 2 months already and yes, I've already chosen songs, concepts and OUTFITS!!! And because I wanted for our performance to be THE BEST, I consulted the person I know would step up to the plate in teaching us KPOP DANCES, the most addicted to Kpop cousin of mine... GIn2x. hahahaha! After persuading her to teach me and my friend, she finally gave in, and i know she was pretty excited about it!

                      My cousin was kind enough to make us a mix of possible songs that we could use for our dance. 

                                                                              OUR FINAL SLECTION OF MUSIC
HyunA-Change, SNSD-Gee, SNSD-The Boys, Psy-Gentleman & lastly, my favorite among the five--- SNSD-I Got A Boy.

     The dance practice was awesome, it was not the kind of dance me and my friend was used to but we can master it, plus, we really like the pa-cute dance hahaha TOTALLY DIFFERENT from cheer dancing! I really hope we could polish the dance and enjoy performing it!

xoxo Joy