July's turning up good. To start off we have a lot birthdays to celebrate!

My Mama's Bday!

BFF dinner with Mama & Papa ^__^

Treated myself to Mary Grace's Truffle Cake + a good book

Celebrating with the birthday Boys.
My treat to the Birthday celebrants! Bigger Better Burgers!!!

I ate Ramen coz' I got really mad at Billee. 

Ever since the word "SELFIE" came out I've been very hesitant in taking photos of myself but this particular month I felt that I was so pretty that I just had to take a photo or yeah... a SELFIE.
xoxo joy
The first time that I really felt depressed. It's my birth month pero di ko naramdaman. I was tired, I was always busy, I was working on the day of my birthday & I really didn't feel special at all. Hmmm I was sad the whole month even if may mga maliliit na events na masaya. Yun lang naman  :| I still thank the Lord for the day and every blessing that he gave me.


Birthday at Sambokojin

Convention + Sundate
I couldn't quite explain how I felt this month. It was extremes.. highest of the high and lowest of the low... It was a difficult month.

Blessing of the Dialysis Unit

Don Henrico dinner with Ate's friends ^___^
My first time to try Sonja's Cupcake. I loved it!

Lunch at Amici + dessert at Contis
Then I spent Maundy Thursday with the same cousins plus a few more of our cousins and nephews ^__^ we watched episodes of Running Man, a thriller movie (I forgot the title tho) & Miracle in cell no. 7. We had loads of food prepared by my Tita Fe and of course, JUNK FOOD! It was really a challenge when we were about to sleep coz we had to find our most comfortable position with 9 people cramped in a single mattress hahaha the others slept on the sofa while the others... well, all man for himself!!! hahaha


Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
We really had fun at Boracay. Mama & Papa enjoyed the beach so much, halos buong araw nasa dagat sila coz it reminded them of how they were when they were young... mga batang naglalaro sa batis pero mas sosyal na ngayon kasi sa Boracay na sila naliligo. They wanted to go back to Bora next year, I'll make sure they will ^__^

xoxo Joy
From our family to your family. Happy Christmas!!
xoxo Joy
     Because of the recent calamities and devastation that happened  in the Visayas region my friend messaged me if we'd like to donate goods & clothes for the victims, I eagerly replied yes and that day I asked the hospital administration if they would allow me to ask for donations from the MDH employees. After 1 week we were able to get these donations from MDH staff & my family. 

     Thank you to everyone who donated & showed their care for our fellow Filipinos who are under distraught because of Typhoon Yolanda, the earthquake in Bohol & as well as the victims of war at Zambales. 
My friend, Melvin, Dropped by at the house to pick-up the donations & after that we hung out by the isawan.
xoxo Joy
          Me and Eric met up at SM Sucat to give our pasalubong to Tinnie & Tintin's friend, Wil. It was almost a year ago when I last saw my friend Eric. We had a meaningful conversation about where we were at that time, the rejections we experienced in work, in our career. We were both bitter at first but as we went on with our small talk, we gained acceptance and offered it to God.  And here we are now, HAPPY & CONTENTED not just with our jobs but with our own relationships.
 xoxo Joy
To the #1 Papa, our protector, our SUPERMAN. Happy Birthday po! 
Thank you for being selfless and loving. 

     Kasagsagan ng Bagyong Odette pero eto kami, magkakasama, nainom ng libreng salted caramel sa Starbucks at nagpapakasaya. Hahahaha Thank you Doi for the pasalubong! ^__^ 

xoxo Joy