Finally I started writing again. I continued what I left off a few months ago and I plan on sending it to a publishing company once I finish it. Hopefully this year I get it done because I believe I've conceptualize a good story and it made me all giddy inside the night I came up with it. Oh God, I hope this is it!

                    Isang malaking industriya ang Airlines at Aviation kaya ganun na lang ang pressure na natanggap ni Annalisa Cervantes nang ipa-mana sa kanya ng kanyang lolo ang Stefano Airlines. Sa tatlong taon niyang pagkakaupo bilang presidente ay ngayon pa lang siya nakaranas ng malaking dagok sa kumpanya, she's loosing good investors and she might loose the company as well. The thought haunted her. Nadagdagan pa ang problema niya nang dumating si Mateo Xavier Leon, ang mayari ng Leonaire, an airline company that catered to the elites,  who offered to buy her company na ikinagulat niya dahil kailan man di niya binalak na ipagbili ang kumpanyang ipinundar ng kanyang lolo. When he figured that Analise wouldn't sell the company he gave a proposal she could not turn down. Tama nga kaya ang naging desisyon ni Analise na pagkatiwalaan ang binata? Paano kung ang puso na niya ang ipagkakatiwala niya dito? Will it be the biggest mistake of her life or her greatest adventure yet?

Waaaah I just wrote an impromptu synopsis for my book! Hmmm is it catchy? Do you think people would read it once they read the synopsis? I'm crossing all my fingers for this book.

xoxo Joy
He bought me rubber shoes for work and a pair of Havaianas. He's the sweetest thing. ♡ U bee

xoxo Joy

Me and my boyfriend's love story can somehow be compared to the love story of Romeo & Juliet; the us against the world/forbidden love kind of thing. There were many times that our love was tested and we pulled through despite every obstacle that came.If I'd narrate what had happened in the past 2 years it would take a novel for you to fully understand our love story but to sum it up I'll show it in a flow chart... haha.  {Flow chart ba ito?}
Boy meets Girl -> Fell in love -> Strict parents -> Hidden relationship -> OBSTACLES !@!*&%@^(#! -> Faith in God -> Stayed happy & strong -> Boy meets parents -> OBSTACLES ULIT !@^#&*@(@&#!! -> More faith in God -> A bit of acceptance from the parents -> Kept the relationship strong and happy -> Found contentment.

My parents kept asking me why I love him, actually there are no specific answer for that but I do love how he's generous to people specially those who are in need, he can be a pain in the a** sometimes because he can be childlike but he makes significant & mature decisions, I love how he's selfless, I love how hard-working he is and I love how he makes me happy. I think finding happiness even if a couple encounters problems and also how you support each other in that moment of hopelessness is important. 

I know soon enough that our Romeo + Juliet love story would have the grandest HAPPY ENDING a love story could ever have. ^__^ I ♡ U bee.

xoxo Joy
Hey, hey it's my birthday! I had fun and I got to spend it with everyone I love. I made most of the dishes for that day. First of I made Spicy buffalo wings & Garlic Parmesan wings with buffalo sauce & sour cream cheese dip, then I made my own version of Spam musubi and lastly I cooked spaghetti with tuna & pork meat balls. I also made refreshments, My Pinkest Lemonade ^__^ My mother made Valenciana, one of her specialty, and my Tita brought me Palabok. For dessert I had Mango Chantilly cake and my custom cake from South Cakery. I wasn't able to take pictures of each of the dishes because we were all so famished to even think of that anymore haha.
I'm so blessed that day ^___^ iba siya sa mga nauna kong birthdays. I felt contentment and I'm thanking the Lord for every blessing he gave me. 365 days more until my next birthday! 

xoxo Joy