The unexpected happened. I GOT SICK! Not just the typical flu but German Measles. I had to file a leave for 7 days which was bitter-sweet. Bitter because my salary on the next payday will obviously be lower. Sweet because I get 7 days of freedom from my work! I was really relieved because I was growing tired with my work and I really needed a weeks rest. ^__^ Sorry, no picture of me with a swollen and red face, I forgot to take one.

xoxo Joy
     By request - Bigger Better Burgers lunch date with the birthday boy.
We went to church after then he walked me home. 

xoxo Joy
     Me and my boyfriend really wanted to buy new running and training shoes ever since we started becoming active in exercising, boxing, running & biking. I then asked my friend Jaf what brand is the best when it comes to quality and is affordable... Mizuno was her answer. I researched and found out that Mizuno has a factory outlet in Paseo de Sta. Rosa which was a bit close to my boyfriend's house. I was pretty excited because we were talking about it for almost a week! When we got there there were also factory outlets for Nike, Addidas and other sports outlets - but I really got my eye on Mizuno, I couldn't wait to get to their store.

     When we got to the store, luckily enough, one of the staff there was my boyfriend's classmate in high school. His name is Buddy and he attended to our every need. He checked out feet first, the arch, whether we're flat footed or if we have a high arch. For me, I have a med-high arch and my boyfriend has a low to almost a flat foot. After knowing our feet we were off to search for our perfect running shoes. I ended up buying MIZUNO WAVE PRECISION 12 in red. I really feel it cushioning the arch on my feet ^_^ and my boyfriend ended up buying MIZUNO WAVE CREATION 12 in yellow. Then we ate a hearty meal at Kenny Rogers.
     Funny story... the moment we entered Kenny Roger's there was a table of men with 2-3 women who all of a sudden became quiet and looked at us strangely. Then while Billee and I were waiting for our order we figured out why they stared at us.. or rather Billee. The group of men were gay! They all laughed hysterically which gave them off. We were surprised that they were all gay!!! They were prying on my boyfriend! Hahaha My boyfriend asked if I was jealous, well I said no. They're men, why would I be jealous right??? I was amused tho, he's a gay-magnet. He told me a few incidents where he was hit on by gay men but this was the first time I experienced it first-hand. It was weird! Wahahaha

xoxo Joy
     Back when I was in college I have this friend whom I made a genuine connection with. We were both creative, we spoke about different things, how we perceived things, how we wanted a different career other than becoming a Nurse, how we dissed about the girl on the middle of the 4th row, acting like she knows everything, Haha. And even after college, when we already had jobs, we still talked about pursuing our creative side. He even pushes me to enter a drawing competition for Shoe Designing, I just wasn't that confident that I'd be able to win so I didn't try. And even if we were not able to talk to each other after almost a year, we still had THAT connection... Art.

   This one really made me happy because one of us finally made his dream into a reality. My friend is now a contributor to an online magazine and I'm so proud of him for pushing himself in pursuing what he wants... and that is to become a WRITER.

     I loved his article because it talked about the importance of being able to talk to people, face-to-face, no gadgets, no distractions, just pure conversation about things that mattered. It's a RARITY to be able to sit in a coffee shop and talk without looking or even glancing at our phones, we've become attached to it, we're addicted to it. I once read a post on twitter from Uberfacts that "In 1000 years, our languages today will be extinct."  It's sad if you think about it, our language is so beautiful, I'd hate it if it would become extinct. We express ourselves through it, how our tongue flicks at every letter, the way we'd open our lips in each word. His article made me realize that we do need to save the art of conversation, to not depend on our phones if we want to talk to someone. We still need to interact with each other. The importance of touch, seeing and hearing one another when talking to each other. I'm sure everyone is in dire need of a deep conversation right now, the whole world needs it actually.

     As for my friend, this blog is for you. I'm really, really proud of you and I'm looking forward to reading more of your articles ^__^ Do click to read his article ^__^

Esquire Exchange: saving the art of conversation | by Michael Lacson

xoxo Joy
     Yeah... it's a Sunday and I'm in the hospital, WORKING >:P When I was finished cleaning the machines I watched Harry Potter & F.R.I.E.N.D.S. for 2 hours. I even packed my lunch! ^__^
xoxo Joy
     Me and my friend Jaf went to avail our freebies at Skin Touch at Festivall Mall, Alabang. I availed my free facial while she availed her free Multipolar Slimming Therapy. Then we ate at Country Style, 20% on all donuts! YUM! Then while we were sitting there, minding our own business, my friend just got hit on by a dirty old man hahaha It was creepy! 

     We weren't able to take pictures of ourselves but I did, however, snapped a selfie whilst having my facial. Bwahahaha I look so weird. Then we shopped for shorts and pants. I bought 2 shorts which were the shade of orange and I love it ^__^
xoxo Joy
July's turning up good. To start off we have a lot birthdays to celebrate!

My Mama's Bday!

BFF dinner with Mama & Papa ^__^

Treated myself to Mary Grace's Truffle Cake + a good book

Celebrating with the birthday Boys.
My treat to the Birthday celebrants! Bigger Better Burgers!!!

I ate Ramen coz' I got really mad at Billee. 

Ever since the word "SELFIE" came out I've been very hesitant in taking photos of myself but this particular month I felt that I was so pretty that I just had to take a photo or yeah... a SELFIE.
xoxo joy
The first time that I really felt depressed. It's my birth month pero di ko naramdaman. I was tired, I was always busy, I was working on the day of my birthday & I really didn't feel special at all. Hmmm I was sad the whole month even if may mga maliliit na events na masaya. Yun lang naman  :| I still thank the Lord for the day and every blessing that he gave me.


Birthday at Sambokojin

Convention + Sundate


4 words to describe this month.


This video pretty much explains the 2nd half of May. My best friend came back from the states and yeah... we YOLO-ed.

xoxo Joy
I couldn't quite explain how I felt this month. It was extremes.. highest of the high and lowest of the low... It was a difficult month.

Blessing of the Dialysis Unit

Don Henrico dinner with Ate's friends ^___^
My first time to try Sonja's Cupcake. I loved it!

Lunch at Amici + dessert at Contis
Then I spent Maundy Thursday with the same cousins plus a few more of our cousins and nephews ^__^ we watched episodes of Running Man, a thriller movie (I forgot the title tho) & Miracle in cell no. 7. We had loads of food prepared by my Tita Fe and of course, JUNK FOOD! It was really a challenge when we were about to sleep coz we had to find our most comfortable position with 9 people cramped in a single mattress hahaha the others slept on the sofa while the others... well, all man for himself!!! hahaha


Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
We really had fun at Boracay. Mama & Papa enjoyed the beach so much, halos buong araw nasa dagat sila coz it reminded them of how they were when they were young... mga batang naglalaro sa batis pero mas sosyal na ngayon kasi sa Boracay na sila naliligo. They wanted to go back to Bora next year, I'll make sure they will ^__^

xoxo Joy